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Storyboard For The Movie

A storyboard is like a road map for a Director and the production team. Together they can see where the story is going at any given point in time - and speaking of time, they can use the storyboard to 'time' each scene to see if it will fit into the target length the movie will run.

Most importantly, a storyboard helps everyone involved see any potential storyline or continuity problems that would otherwise be discovered after all the shooting had been completed. This is a very real time saver and resolving these unintended issues makes post-production much easier.

This storyboard is almost 500 pages! It details every scene in the script and with it we can see the film before we shoot. Here you can see a sample of the work.

The gallery below shows how the Director will deal with each illustration in the book. We're showing you this so you can see how we intend to deal with the setups and what you can expect when the film comes out. Every illustration is going to be there - in its chronological order.

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