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C. W. Anderson's Artwork Sampler

C. W. Anderson's published portfolios were very popular during his lifetime. Original artwork can still be found in some auction houses or antique stores, but most of them have found homes in admirer’s collections.

Three of his portfolios are sampled in the gallery to the right. You can see some of the paintings in this photo hanging at an art gallery near his home. To own an original painting of C. W. Anderson is to hold a piece of equine history to pass on with love and appreciation to the next generation.

All of this artwork was provided by

C. W. Anderson's stepson, Mr. Charles Ruckstuhl.

Big Red: Man O' War

C. W. Anderson noticed that the mighty Man O’ War, while being brushed, often nuzzled his groom or rested his head on his shoulder. “This is what he wants,” [Will] Harbut told Anderson, reaching to cradle Red’s head in his arms. “He’s just a big baby. He’d do this all day if I let him.”


When Red was more than twenty years old, C. W. Anderson noted, “Even when he was standing motionless in his stall, with his ears pricked forward and his eyes focused on something slightly above the horizon which mere people never see; energy still poured from him.”


Extracted from Man O’ War, A Legend Like Lightening by Dorothy Ours, St. Martin’s Press, NY

Big Red
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