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Ancillary Rights

Through our association with the Los Angeles based Gotham Group and Simon & Schuster of New York City we have negotiated liberal rights to the full series, including new content. This new content was intriguing for C. W. Anderson's niece, Ms. Phyllis Wood, who encouraged throughout the whole process. Though there are no plans as of yet, the door is open if the opportunity presents itself. 

Furthermore, we have secured the following rights:


Making Toys

Horse statues: Blaze, Pumpkin, the old work horse, and Molly, the mare who learns to trust. When these beautiful toys, inspired by the Billy & Blaze movie script, appear in children’s bedrooms, the our dream will have come full circle. We know we'll be smiling with nostalgia as we remember our conversation years ago, when we drove away from the film set for a Lane children’s bedroom furniture national ad shoot which was decorated with horse statues.


That was the day we wondered if we could someday make a movie that families would cherish — Billy & Blaze! 

Spin-Off Projects

Success Will Breed Success

It’s a monumental task producing a feature film, independent of a major studio. We have been involved in Billy & Blaze for more than a decade and we certainly can’t blame our critics when we have doubts ourselves, especially when we consider the children who have hoped for so long to see the movie. These children, including those in our own family, make it impossible to give up. To have Tad and Kelly Coffin join our efforts is both humbling and encouraging. Tad Coffin, an Olympic Gold Medalist, is an equestrian of such caliber, that his support of The Billy & Blaze Film Partners so late in the project is a refreshing confirmation that we’re on the home stretch. 

Through the Coffins and others we have begun to develop the next properties that we hope to develop within the scope of our agreement with Simon & Schuster. 

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