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On Location

Phase One Locations, Cast & Crew

The original book, Billy and Blaze, takes place in C. W. Anderson’s backyard, almost literally. The stone fences and rolling hills, the quaint villages and picturesque farms are all there. Of course, it isn’t easy to find these visual treasures since it has been almost 90 years since the book was first published. Many of the old barns and farmlands are gone so the shooting needs to be managed with deliberation.


C. W. Anderson admired Virginia’s horse country in many of his writings. So much so that both the Producers and the C. W. Anderson Estate had no problem with shooting the movie there.

Fall 2017 was notable, in Virginia, for its longevity and sustained beauty. Not entirely uncharacteristic of the region but certainly a bonus for the production.

We were able to capture all the exterior riding and set-up shots in Phase 1 and in 2018, for Phases 2 and 3, we were able to shoot all the interiors and dramatic action from the horse show scenes.

Our cast & crew got along very well, and everyone enjoyed watching the kids and animals perform. It was refreshing for some to be involved in a story with kids, animals, and a happy ending...!

Finding Locations

Please enjoy the gallery, simply click on it to open it up.

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