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Series Rights

Series Rights

There Is A Lot More To Billy And Blaze Than Meets The Eye

Pleasurable Entertainment to Come


Welkin Studios obtained the rights from Simon & Schuster to each of the books in the Billy and Blaze series. Cynthia imagines pastoral settings in the east for the Billy & Blaze television series. Michael wistfully looks forward to a fresh look at cowboys in C.W. Anderson’s western stories, when an older Billy takes Blaze to landscapes where sagebrush and cactus remind Michael of his childhood.

An original C.W. Anderson drawing of cowboys appeared in an antique shop only a short distance from the Erkel house. Cynthia and the Erkel children thought it fitting to surprise Michael with the signed pencil drawing on his birthday. This is dear especially since the producer of a movie featuring English riding grew up near the famous cowboy, Roy Roger’s, ranch. A much littler Michael Erkel is shown here holding Roy Roger’s hand.

Our favorite story besides the original? Probably Blaze and the Forest Fire. Whether the future productions go directly to DVD/VOD, or combine for a future theatrical release, the goal will always be to extend each story with embellishments true to the C.W. Anderson original. Welkin Studios holds a robust opportunity to develop new content, including a TV series enhanced with beautiful cinematography and gentle mood that befits the classic Billy and Blaze reputation.

A famous cowboy actor (center), and a very young cowboy wannbe, Michael Erkel, (right) at the famous cowboy's ranch in California.

An original C. W. Anderson drawing.

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