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One of those small bright spots of the late 1930’s was the first published work of C.W. Anderson, Billy and Blaze. This little book started Mr. Anderson on his prolific book publishing career and set the stage for many happy hours of reflection for children around the world. The hope and triumph of this gentle story contributed positively to the greater universal needs the times demanded. As such, the Billy and Blaze series has become a classic, cherished by those who grew up wishing the pictures of Billy and his bay pony, Blaze, could come to life. It is our pleasure to announce that Welkin Studios now owns the film rights to the entire series, with an estate approved script ready to film. When final funding for the simple, but legendary story is secured, the film will be shot in some of the same pastoral settings C.W. Anderson admired while in Virginia.


In the past, children frequently benefitted from the insight of a babysitter called boredom. She took children outside to explore and, when it rained, she made pictures in a book come to life. Today children are babysat by electronics and the electronic babysitter may omit valuable lessons nature can afford. Compassion for an injured animal often preceded compassion for our fellow man. Bravery to relate to a large beast could help build confidence in human relations. There is fiction and there is fiction. In Billy’s world there are treasures to be discovered that do exist in the real world where we have one life to live, not unlimited lives with super life energy packs that can keep you in the game. Introducing Billy’s adventures invites reality. The ability to appreciate and to love is not digitally imparted. It is introduced by stirring the imagination to appreciate the real beauty of the world around us.

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