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Looking For Rex

Casting Rex

We visited with many German Shepherds while looking for the dog to play the part of Rex. What we needed was an intelligent face, a strong and pleasing appearance, and a willingness to take direction.

We found all these qualities in Xerxes*. In fact, once on set and as we moved through the shooting schedule, the cast and crew repeatedly commented that Xerxes was the best trained and pleasant dog they had ever worked with.

He is all business when his owner, Steven Siwecki, calls him to follow his verbal and hand signals. And then, when 'cut' is called out, he seems to know, just like all the actors, that the pressure is off and it is time to play.

Xerxes has a beautiful face, handsome yet sensitive expressions, and is completely dependable.

Xerxes has many performance and obedience awards and is a champion in many fields.

To the left, Jack Leannarda works Abu** and Xerxes over a jump. Right from the start, Xerxes enjoyed the fun - and Abu liked it, too.

* Xerxes' full name is:  Fil-Am Xerxes Vom Haus Morrisson

** Abu's full name is:  Banbury Cross Abu

Xerxes as the wounded orphan'

"Xerxes, look at the cameraman..."

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